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About USAK

The University Scholarship Athletes Kubik (USAK) organization was created with the idea of assisting and supporting young athletes in their athletic and personal growth while studying in the United States of America. The basis of our work is to evaluate the client’s current situation from a sporting, academic and personal point of view and to further set a constructive and individual plan.

Combining sports and studies at the highest level is not easy anywhere in the world. However, in this regard, the USA offers some of the best conditions for quality education and professional sports development at the same time. In the United States, school and sports complement each other, so there is no need to compromise. In this symbiosis, it is possible to completely concentrate on both important parts of a young athlete’s life. Our team consists of former internationals, professionals and experts in combining sports and studies in the USA. We have personal contacts in the ranks of coaches, athletes, teachers, agents and others not only in America, but also around the world. We are ready to help young athletes with complete or even partial preparation and a trip to the USA.

Our Team



First introduction – 18 months before enrollment 


Set-up an individual plan – 17 months before enrollment 


Start preparation for tests – 15 months before enrollment 


Start conversations with coaches – 13 months before enrollment


Take the SAT/ACT Test – 12 months before enrollment


Take the TOEFL Test – 10 months before enrollment


Applications to schools – 8 months before enrollment


Commitment to a School – 5 months before enrollment


Enrollment to a School 


Adapt to a new environment


Work hard and network


Get an internship and work on personal development


Finalize your life path and go after it


Go Pro or get a Full-Time Job

*This is a very simplified sample timeline. Make sure that you discuss your individual situation and potential timeline (which includes all the other smaller details of the process) with our team.

Translations of certificates

Official translation of report cards into English from the 9th grade of elementary school up to all years of high school

Mental preparation

Psychological sports counseling for setting higher mental resistance

Support with SAT/ACT test

Personal plan setting and preparation for the SAT or ACT test

Placement at a University in the USA

Creation of a personal plan and ensuring suitable university offers according to the client’s requirements. Assistance in negotiating the best athletic and academic scholarships
Help with the final decision of choosing the university

 Help with a transfer between schools in the USA

Finding the best option for the client according to their sports, academic and financial possibilities

 Highlight Videos Creation

Complete creation of a highlight video for a presentation to the coaches in the USA

Support with TOEFL/Duolingo test

Personal setting of the schedule and preparation for the TOEFL or Duolingo test

Placement at a Private High School & Academy in the USA

Complete assistance in the admissions process and help with the final decision of choosing the school

List of universities and coaches

A complete list of every university in the US sorted by sport, including coaches and contact information


Czech republic
University of Delaware – NCAA D1

“I am indebted to Luboš for his wonderful help in obtaining a scholarship and school in the USA. Professional and friendly communication before and during studies. I recommend it to everyone who is interested in combining sports and education.”


College of Charleston – NCAA D1

“It was a great to have somebody in the process who really cared about me and aimed to meet my personal needs! It is important that your placed in the right environment and thankfully that happened in my case. I’m super glad with the decision I made and I would not change it even if I could!”


Quinnipiac University – NCAA D1

“I started working with Lubos at the end of 2019. He is a very kind and friendly person who helped me with the whole preparation for America. He also helped me find a school and secured a full scholarship. It’s a pleasure to work with him, because he helps me with everything and I can rely on him!”


Czech republic
Old Dominion University – NCAA D1
Truett McConnell University – NAIA

“When I decided to continue my studies after finishing high school, I was approached by L. Kubík if I would like to try studying and playing soccer at a university in the USA. He helped me in the beginning, especially in communication with coaches of potential universities, and his knowledge of the environment was absolutely essential for my further work. However, my first experience at the university was not positive for me and I was forced to look for another university. At that time, Luboš Kubík helped me again with the search for another destination.”


Czech republic
Union College – NAIA
University of Montevallo – NCAA D2

“My cooperation with Mr. Kubik was very specific, as I only started working with him after my first year at an American university, when I was trying to transfer to another school. Mr. Kubik helped me with the process and let me know what to look out for when choosing the right school and signing the contract. To this day, we are in active contact and if I have any problem at school or in the studio, he tries to help as best he can.”


USA/Czech republic
University of Montevallo – NCAA D2
Rider University – NCAA D1

“Mr. Kubik was a key person in my search for a new soccer team and university education in the United States. Thanks to his experience and sports contacts, we approached a number of possible schools and football coaches and together we chose a suitable place for my soccer development and university growth. I still work with Mr. Kubik and he is always ready to help me.”


University of Nebraska-Omaha – NCAA D1
Marquette University – NCAA D1

“I thank Lubos Kubik for helping me get to the USA at the college level and giving me the opportunity to fulfill my dream“


Czech republic
Norco College – JUCO

“I have been working with Mr. KubIk for over a year now and I am extremely satisfied. I decided to cooperate with Mr. KubIk because the USA offers a unique opportunity to combine higher education with soccer.”


Czech republic
York University – NAIA
Southwestern Christian University – NAIA

“I have been working with Mr. KubIk for almost two years and I cannot praise the cooperation enough. From the very beginning, Mr. KubIk was friendly, open and helped me with anything I needed. His experience, knowledge and personal approach helped me get to the university that best suited my requirements and my possibilities. He was available to me during important decisions with the choice of university and sports program. His work did not end with admission to the university, he is interested in the course of my studies and we are working together on my further work in the U.S.”


Czech republic
University of Central Arkansas – NCAA D1

“I have been working with Mr. Kubik since 2020. He was the one who helped me immensely to fulfill my dream, to play soccer and at the same time study at a university in the United States. After successfully completing my first year at an American university, I am fully aware that I would not have been able to do without the services he offered. On a professional level, he approached a large number of universities, communicated with coaches and negotiated the necessary conditions, such as a scholarship, accommodation, insurance and meals. At the same time, he communicated perfectly with my parents, who are extremely grateful to him for the fact that he always fulfilled everything he promised! If I were to attempt the same goal again, without a doubt I would not be able to do without Mr. Kubik’s services!”


Czech republic
Davis & Elkins College – NCAA D2
University of Detroit Mercy – NCAA D1

“Mr. Lubos Kubik helped me with the entire process (application, exams, preparation with the English language, finding and choosing suitable schools with soccer programs and communication with them, etc.) and the goal of getting to a university in the U.S.A.

He listened to my requests for choosing a potential school and did not ignore any steps. Thanks to his experience, communication with coaches and schools was easier and had a set direction from the beginning. He also helped me with early departure, accommodation and temporary work, for which I owe him my big thanks. I enjoyed working with him and I appreciate his work, which from the beginning brought new experiences and knowledge that I use and will use every day!”


Czech republic
Wagner College – NCAA D1

“Studying in the USA has always been my dream, mainly because of the possibility of combining studies with sports. Thanks to the cooperation with Lubos Kubik, I was able to fulfill my dream. He helped me not only to find a school according to my ideas, but also to arrange documents important for my departure and prepare me to study abroad.”


USA/Czech republic
University of Pittsburgh – NCAA D1
University of Maryland, Baltimore County – NCAA D1

“Lubos was instrumental in my transferring process from Pittsburgh to UMBC. He worked diligently with all of the interested coaches and presented me with multiple different opportunities. I am very grateful to have him on my team and he was incredible for me in finding the right fit for a school!”