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What does a typical day of a “student athlete” look like?

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A normal day as an athlete at an American university can look like this: Getting up, depending on when your first class starts (sometimes they don’t start until 12 o’clock). On some days, you and your team may have early morning fitness training. After your lectures you will have lunch in the “Dining Hall”, which you usually have 30-60 minutes for. Every afternoon your schedule will include about 2 hours of training. The training is generally very professionally structured with fitness training, possibly strength training and sport-specific coordination training (this can vary depending on the sport). Due to the professional training, many players can increase their performance extremely and often reach a new level, which allows some of them to pursue a professional sports career after finishing college. The training usually lasts 2 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. One day per week is always free of training. Afterwards you will have dinner with your friends or team mates. Most of the time the atmosphere in the “Dining Hall” is very special because only students come together here. After dinner you are free. Either you will have to prepare for the next day in the library, enjoy the evening program on campus, where there are always lots of activities on offer, or go to the city with other students. Since everything on campus is very centered, you will meet new people very quickly.