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Dominik Vyleta – Sports Manager

Dominik Vyleta is a football player and a fourth-year student of physiotherapy at the University

of Northern Michigan. He was able to achieve both athletic and academic scholarships and fulfill his dream. Dominik started playing football at the age of six in a team from Vokovice called Aritma Praha, where he was introduced to the sport by his father, who had previously played for the youth teams of Prague’s Sparta. It was clear that Dominik would follow in his father’s footsteps and pursue football. Dominik showed talent from a young age, receiving offers from Sparta, Slavia, and Motorlet when he was only ten years old. However, his parents decided on Motorlet Praha, where he stayed for three years before returning to Aritma, where he had a fantastic season and caught the attention of Slavia Praha. He joined Slavia with promising prospects, but after a year, he wasn’t getting enough playing time, which led him to transfer to Dukla Praha. Dominik found success in Dukla, undergoing two preseasons with the A-team, and even played some friendly matches. Unfortunately, he didn’t make his league debut and

decided to go to the United States to play football and study, which was his greatest motivation.

Dominik was born in Prague 5 at the Motol University Hospital. However, he spent his childhood

in Vrchlabí, where his parents had their business. He later returned to Prague, specifically Hanspaulka. In 2018, he successfully completed his high school graduation, and it was at that time that his principal, Milan Štěrba, informed him about the opportunity to study and play sports abroad, which piqued Dominik’s interest. The chance to excel in both areas motivated him.

After finishing high school, Dominik began studying physiotherapy at the University of Northern

Michigan in 2020. However, due to the pandemic, he had to continue his studies remotely from the Czech Republic. On the football front, Dominik has been representing his university for the past three years in NCAA Division 2. 

Over the course of three years in the USA, Dominik gained a deep understanding of life in the States. His interest in recruiting athletes began after experiencing university life and being part of a sports team himself. Inspired by his own journey, Dominik realized the immense potential that athletes have for their academic and athletic development when they become part of a vibrant collegiate sports environment. This realization motivated him to start helping young athletes fulfill their dreams by becoming a sports recruiter.