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What are the benefits of working with our company?

For international student-athletes, it is very difficult to understand the higher education system in the USA when it comes to finding the right school for each individual. With over 1,800 colleges and universities in the United States, as well as over 1,600 2-year institutions, many are struggling with finding scholarships, communicating with coaches, visualizing the long-term plan, and much more. That is where USAK services come in to help each student-athletes and their families to find the best fit.

There are a number of benefits that we have listed in no particular order of importance, but more as a general rule that is fitting to almost every family we have worked with.

Sport & Academic assessment

  • Most international student-athletes have no idea where their talents and skills relative to their sport fit into the US college system. The combination of many other factors such as grades or location preference certainly makes the search for the right school more difficult. Our organization has vast experience across all sports and we are able to assess your skills and talents relative to the US collegiate sport system. We will be able to explain where the right fit for you would be across multiple factors and save you time.

Scholarship consulting 

  • Every international student-athlete might or might not understand how to obtain a scholarship, or what is the difference between academic vs. athletic scholarships or merit-based vs. need-based financial aid. But knowing all of that doesn’t always translate to understanding how to maximize your scholarship opportunities. Every school has different scholarship options and our job is to find all that would apply to you to save you and your family money.

Communication with coaches

  • All coaches are incredibly busy across all of the sports. For that reason, they appreciate an organization like ours, because based on our personal relationships with many of the coaches, we save them a lot of time. Our team understands the coaches’ needs with their appropriate budgets and levels. 


  • There are many talented international student-athletes across the globe, but many of them don’t know how to show it. Since many of the coaches in the USA don’t have the resources or time to see all of their potential athletes in person, our organization helps our clients provide the coaches with all the necessary information. By creating a quality highlight video and more, we can promote you to the coaches so they can make better and faster decisions. 


  • Yes, our services cost money, but with the amount of money our team is able to save you and your family in the future, the cost is minimal. For example, the average cost of college in the United States is around $36.000 a year and if our team is able to help you find scholarships to save you and your family $10.000, $15.000, $20.000, or more for each year, the cost of our services seems small compared to that.

USA Connection

  • With some of our members of the company being US citizens or Green Card Holders, it is very easy to travel and visit schools, coaches, and other decision-makers in the industry as well as knowing and understanding the American culture. We have first-hand knowledge and experience of the US collegiate system. 

There are many additional benefits of utilizing the services of our organization and for more information on where we can be of help to your individual needs, please contact us at: